All-Russian Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs

27, 28, 29 January 2020
Pushkin Culture Centre, Samara

All-Russian Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs

27, 28, 29 January 2020
Pushkin Culture Centre, Samara

About congress

The main focus of the event is

  • Sharing real experiences between active sound engineers.

  • Professional training of students specializing in sound engineering and upgrading skills of existing sound engineers.

  • New professional audio equipment and the latest technologies to work with sound.

  • Creating a platform for live communication between representatives of sound engineering community. 

Target audience:

  • Theatre and live sound engineers.

  • Sound engineers working in recording studios, radio and television studios.

  • Engineers and sound engineers of rental companies.

  • Professors of musical colleges and higher music schools educating future sound engineers.
  • Music students enrolled in the speciality "sound engineering".

  • Heads of theatre sound departments and concert organizations.

  • Personnel responsible for the technical equipment of concert halls, theatres and clubs.

  • Sound engineers and sound technicians working at cultural and leisure services. 



Congress timetable

Day 1

Programme from the company Unvis-Pro

Programme from the company Aris

Yamaha MON Day

10:00 Registration. Listening to ProTone.

11:00. Welcome Speech.

Dmitry Vdovin (Samara)


Brief opening speech introducing the audience to the genuine goal of our meeting and programme timing of the whole event.

11:20. 10 main mistakes in radio systems coordination.

Hands-on workshop

Sergey Borzov, BBPro Team (Moscow)


Nowadays questions of organizing radio systems to assure their correct functioning during the show are quite popular thanks to many manufactures who offer corresponding trainings on a regular basis. None the less users still make many mistakes. We invited a renowned specialist in this sphere Sergey Borzov who will give us a closer look at the most typical mistakes occuring at the venues during his workshop.

12:00. Preparing the drum set for the show.

Hands-on workshop

Ivan Medvedenko, (Orenburg)


All of us can hardly disagree that preparing the drums for the concert is a direct responsibility of the drummer. Yet every sound engineer from time to time gets caught up in a situation when he has to do it himself. For example, you are a guest sound engineer of a concert with several bands playing in a venue with local audio equipment or, vice versa, the drum set is provided by a rental company, but the technician in the best case scenario has just managed to assemble it.

Our colleague from Orenburg Ivan Medvedenko will talk about the operations that have to be done with a drum set before we start hanging it all over with microphones.

13:40. Coffee break. Listening to RCF.

14:00. Quantum338 - first ever in Russia.


Ian Staddon, DiGiCo (UK)

14:20. Realization of the concept of the concert complex on the basis of DiGiCo 4REA4.


Evgeny Shuev, ARIS (Moscow)


During our last year congress the company ARIS presented a revolution in audio mixing for installed sound - the system DiGiCo 4REA4 consisting of powerful signal processing module and connected by network protocols controllers and consoles and input /output modules. 4REA4 can work as an independent system for mixing, processing and routing the audio signals and also along with mixing consoles by DiGiCo and other manufacturers.

This time we are going to assemble on its basis a solution that can be used for big entertainment establishments, theatres, festivals and musical shows. For that purpose we plan to link all equipment from different manufacturers demonstrated in the main (concert) hall into a single system controlled from one hub.

14:40. Sound Quest "Meet & Greet!"

Master-class, show

Dmitry Sukhin (Moscow), Mikhail Sokolik (Moscow)


Traditions are always a sign of a successful event. One of the traditions of our Congress is to place leading sound engineers of the country into “anomalous” conditions. So we’ve had such experience with FOH, MON and even studio sound engineers working on live shows. And now with the increasing popularity of musicals and all-round technical upgrading of traditional theatres professions of a theatre sound engineer and sound engineer of musicals are getting more and more high-demand.

So this time the guest of our show Sound Quest "Meet&Greet!" will be Mikhail Sokolik, a leading sound engineer of many Moscow musicals. And Dmitry Sukhin will be traditionally the one to “throw a little grit in the bearings” by asking various questions, both brainy and foolish.

16:40. Coffee break. Listening to Yamaha.

17:00. Modern techniques of setting sound systems in a theatre.


Igor Gaydarov, Shure (Moscow)

17:40. Aims and goals of the Sound Engineers Guild.


Maria Soboleva, Sound Engineers Guild (Moscow)


Sound Engineers Guild was established in March 2019 by Russian Musical Union. In truth, it is far not the first attempt to create an organization aimed to unite professional sound engineers of all music genres.

Time will tell if this new structure will become the turn of the tide in development of Russian sound engineering society or good intentions will again just remain ink on paper.

In the meantime Maria Soboleva - Head of Sound Engineers Guild and one of the leading Russian sound engineers - will make a disclosure about the current tasks of the Guild.

18:00. Professional training of sound engineers.


Dmitry Vdovin (Samara), Dmitry Sukhin (Moscow), Andrey Ivanenko (Orenburg), Svetlana Alasheeva (Samara), Olga Pashinina (Moscow)

Concert Hall

Pushkin Culture Centre

Day 2

10:00. "Utrennik".

Questions about everything

Dmitry Sukhin & others (Moscow)

This year again we are going to give our participants a portion of "morning dozen" during our event "Utrennik". At this show everyone will be able to ask our experts anything concerning basics of sound engineering (just any questions, even may be dumb at first sight). And our honourable masters will have to explain the issue as simply and understandably as possible.

It is going to be a real challenge for both parties and Tuesday daybreak of the Congress will show how good they are at their activity of asking or answering tricky questions!

11:00. All-new products by Sennheiser and Neumann.


Andrey Fomichenko, Sennheiser (Moscow)

11:40. L-Acoustics ecosystem: necessary tools for realization of the audio project.


Igor Novikov, Sonoruss (Moscow)

12:20. Selecting acoustic systems for a concert tour.


Steven Norman (UK),Ruslan Semеnov, Coda Audio (Moscow)

13:00. Coffee break. Listening.

13:20. Sound reinforcement systems Holoplot for working in places with difficult acoustics (reserved).


Hi-Tech Media (Moscow)

14:00. New level of comfort in in-ear monitoring with 3D-sound from KLANG:technologies.

Presentation, demonstration

Phil Kamp, KLANG (Germany)

Despite obvious advantages of personal (in-ear) monitoring systems many musicians are still reluctant to switch to using them: unnatural sound, auditory fatigability, confusion are the most common complaints among those who tried using in-ear systems and gave up on it.

Nevertheless distribution of immersive audio systems and binaural reproduction of sound helped the German company KLANG:technologies to develop a new approach to personal monitoring by creating a hardware-software complex for immersive (or 3D) monitoring. Combination of hardware interfaces and a number of programs and applications produced a full ecosystem for three dimensional reproduction of sound. During the Congress participants will have an opportunity to estimate its possibilities within the conditions of a live show - provided by the company Aris.

15:40. Coffee break. Listening.

16:00. Electro-Voice & Dynacord. Presentation and listening.


Christian Gress (Germany), Boris Agapov, Alexander Lepyoshkin, Dealer-center (Moscow)


The brand of Dynacord has been another word for the German reliability and quality since 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. But the present owner of brands Dynacord and Electro-Voice, the company Bosch, decided that having two firms manufacturing a full range of sound equipment was unreasonable and from now all acoustics would bear a name Electro-Voice while amplifiers and system electronics would be called Dynacord.

At our congress participants will be able to estimate the sounding of this “tandem” through the example of a compact line array X-Line.

16:40. How to persuade an artist to start using in-ear monitoring?


Igor Gaydarov, Shure (Moscow)


Every sound engineer knows the many benefits of in-ear monitors: a quite scene, no feedback and a possibility to take them anywhere with you. But there is still a slight problem - to persuade an artist to equip his ears with ear plugs which is not always that easy. A secret of achieving this will be revealed by the company Shure.

17:20. Backstage Academy UK - a campus in the heart of event industry (reserved).


Backstage Academy (UK)

18:00. Portable digital mixers - a multi-tool for the sound engineer.


Day 3

10:00. Secrets of miking a concert grand piano.


Maria Soboleva, Dmitry Sukhin (Moscow)


In response to a popular demand of our participants we are starting a cycle of master-classes on working with a grand piano in the context of a live show - in different ensembles and genres of music.

Considering that the instrument is quite acoustically complicated and there are numerous techniques of miking we will possibly recur to the subject a good many time.

And the ones to start will be Maria Soboleva and Dmitry Sukhin - biggest names in this regard.

10:40. Sounds of the future. Generative music.


Vasily Filatov, Sound Design Institute (Moscow)

11:40. Optimizing the working hours of a touring sound engineer. Part 4.


Andrey Ivanov, Toursound (Moscow)

12:40. How to earn money in our profession?


Bose (reserved)

13:20. Coffee break. Listening.

13:40. Mixing console Avid S6L: automatization, gainsharing, reservation and other features.


Liliya Gainutdinova, Sonoruss (Moscow)


When you are buying a top-class console, common criteria usually do not make much sense. As a rule any mixing console of such level comes with an impressive feature set, sounds magnificently and has so many functionalities that cover all the prompt creative demands of most of our colleagues and even more. Therefore we pay more attention to such special aspects of the mixer that help us to effectively solve the scope of tasks facing our particular object, whether it be a theatre or a large arena and so on. These very capabilities in the context of AVID S6L will be a talking point of the presentation by Liliya Gainutdinova.

14:20. ALLEN&HEATH AVANTIS - a new generation digital mixing console.


Alexey Buravlyov, MixArt (Moscow)


It is by now a good tradition that the company MixArt annually presents the latest mixing console by Allen&Heath within our Congress. This year is not an exception. This time we are expecting the brand new Avantis - a new-generation mixing console, designed to become an interposition between SQ and dLive. And traditionally Alexey Buravlyov will be the person to describe all its features and advantages.

15:00. Aesthetics in sound engineering.


Nadezhda Rakhmanova (St.Petersburg)


Speaking about sound engineering we usually focus on methods and technologies and sometimes forget that sound engineering is art above all, and equipment will never replace a human being in our sphere.

Therefore we decided to include a number of topics on development of theory of sound engineering style: its conceptual and terminological aspects.

This year the topic will be covered by Nadezhda Rakhmanova, Ph.D. in History of Arts and Senior Lecturer of Sound Engineering Department in Saint-Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences. She will talk about aesthetics in sound engineering in the context of creating the jazz sound and revealing its differences from rock and pop-music.

15:40. Coffee break. Listening.

16:00. Facts and fables about point sources.


Igor Rodovsky, ProTone (Krasnoyarsk)

16:40. Using digital mixing console Lawo in theatre and sport events.


Gaëtan Grenier, WNM (Belgium), Alexander Lepyoshkin, TTT GROUP (Moscow)


German company Lawo AG is probably not well-known to Russian sound engineers aside from those working in broadcasting industry. The company specializes in producing top-class digital mixing consoles intended for use in broadcasting TV and radio studios, theatres, high-class international sporting contests, conferences, etc. Yet their product line includes concert digital consoles as well and our participants will be introduced to them through the example of МС2 56 during the presentation by the company Dealer-center.

17:20. EQ Master. Competition on estimating equalization by ear.


Nadezhda Rakhmanova (St.Petersburg), Bose (Moscow)

18:20. Congress summarizing. Handing over of the certificates.

Round table

Participants of the Congress

18:30. Departure.


If your company wishes to take part in our programme, please, contact us.


Who will benefit from this event?
— Our Congress is for those people who regard sound engineering as not only mere words. For those who prefer real-life communication with colleagues rather than Internet debates and virtual mixing. For those who can study himself and transfer knowledge to others.
How many people take part in the event and where do they come from?
How can I sign up for the event and how much does it cost?
Can I visit the event free of charge?
Is it possible for the company to pay the registration fee for their employee?
Can you send me an official invitation to my job address (college, university) and what should I do for it?
What events does the programme usually consist of?
Will there be an organized place for living for the participants?
Are meals included in the programme of the Congress?
Where can I get more information about the Congress?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or contact by e-mail

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