All-Russian Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs

23, 24, 25 January 2023
Culture Centre "Zvezda", Samara

All-Russian Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs

24, 25, 26 January 2022
Culture Centre "Zvezda", Samara

About congress

The main focus of the event is

  • Sharing real experiences between active sound engineers.

  • Professional training of students specializing in sound engineering and upgrading skills of existing sound engineers.

  • New professional audio equipment and the latest technologies to work with sound.

  • Creating a platform for live communication between representatives of sound engineering community. 

Target audience:

  • Theatre and live sound engineers.

  • Sound engineers working in recording studios, radio and television studios.

  • Engineers and sound engineers of rental companies.

  • Professors of musical colleges and higher music schools educating future sound engineers.
  • Music students enrolled in the speciality "sound engineering".

  • Heads of theatre sound departments and concert organizations.

  • Personnel responsible for the technical equipment of concert halls, theatres and clubs.

  • Sound engineers and sound technicians working at cultural and leisure services. 



Congress timetable is under construction


If your company wishes to take part in our programme, please, contact us.


Who will benefit from this event?
— Our Congress is for those people who regard sound engineering as not only mere words. For those who prefer real-life communication with colleagues rather than Internet debates and virtual mixing. For those who can study himself and transfer knowledge to others.
How many people take part in the event and where do they come from?
How can I sign up for the event and how much does it cost?
Can I visit the event free of charge?
How can I sign up for master classes and training sessions in smaller halls?
Can you send me an official invitation to my job address (college, university) and what should I do for it?
Is it possible for the company to pay the registration fee for their employee?
What events does the programme usually consist of?
Will there be an organized place for living for the participants?
Are meals included in the programme of the Congress?
Where can I get more information about the Congress?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or contact by e-mail

Phone: +7 (906) 340 33 08